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Investment projects

Investment projects

The presentation of an investment project at the International Municipal BRICS+ Forum is an excellent opportunity to present your project to many potential investors and business partners who may be interested in its implementation. The Forum is one of the largest international events where participants from different countries gather to exchange experiences, discuss current problems and opportunities for the development of cities and regions.

Target audience:

  • Private investors
  • Corporations and business communities
  • Foundations and institutional investors
  • Government organisations

Application submission

To successfully submit an application for an investment project presentation at the Forum, you must submit the following information at

  1. Project name;
  2. Brief description of the project;
  3. The volume and structure of investments required for the implementation of the project;
  4. Action plan for the implementation of the project;
  5. Expected results and effects of the project implementation;
  6. Presentation of the Project in a PDF format.
*In addition to the presentation, additional materials may also be required, such as a business plan, forecast reports, financial indicators, licenses, permits and other documents that may be useful for potential investors and partners at the Forum. It is important to make sure that these paragraphs contain enough information so that the Organising Committee and potential investors can understand the main characteristics of the project and its potential benefits. In addition, it is also necessary to add contact information for communication with the representatives of the project.

Present the project

The presentation of the investment project is a paid option for participation in the V IMBRICS+ Forum and amounts to 60,000 rubles (does not include the cost of the participation ticket). To purchase this option, you can contact

Representatives of regional and municipal structures can contact the organisers of the Forum at to get information about quotas for free presentations of investment projects within the framework of the Forum.

For a successful presentation of an investment project, the following requirements must be taken into account:

  1. Clarity and brevity: The presentation should be concise and informative in order to attract the attention of potential investors and partners, as well as give them a clear idea of the project and its advantages.
  2. Visibility: Use graphs, tables, diagrams and other visual materials to illustrate the advantages and opportunities of your project.
  3. Uniqueness: Please note that your project must be unique and have a clear competitive advantage, which will allow it to stand out from other projects.
  4. Practicality: Your project should be feasible and doable in reality, which will attract the attention of potential investors and partners.
  5. Financial attractiveness: The presentation should contain financial data and indicators that demonstrate the profitability of the project and its financial attractiveness to investors.
  6. Project team: Introduce your team and its experience and skills, which will help increase the level of trust and convince potential investors of your success.
  7. Key indicators: The presentation should contain key indicators of the project, such as profitability, payback period, potential income, projected risks and measures to reduce them.
  8. Innovativeness: If your project is innovative in nature, pay special attention to the description of new technologies, ideas and patents that may be important for investors.
  9. Specificity: The presentation should contain specific action plans and activities that need to be realised for the implementation of the project.

If you have an investment project that you would like to present at the International Municipal BRICS+ Forum, then you can submit an application for consideration of your project to the Organising Committee.

The application for submitting an investment project to the International Municipal BRICS+ Forum usually contains the following items:

  1. Project name: specify the name of your investment project.
  2. Project description: a brief description of the project, including its goals and objectives, main characteristics, scope and prospects for implementation.
  3. Proposed investments: description of the volume and structure of investments required for the implementation of the project.
  4. Action plan: description of the action plan for the implementation of the project, including stages, deadlines, responsible persons and other details.
  5. Expected effect: description of the expected economic, social and environmental effects of the project, as well as its contribution to the development of the city or region.
  6. Competitive advantage: description of the competitive advantage of your project in comparison with other investment projects on the market.
  7. Project Team: information about the project team, including its composition, experience and qualifications.
  8. Requirements for investors: description of requirements for potential investors, including investment conditions, interaction format and other details.
  9. Contact information: Contact information for contacting project representatives, including last name, first name, position, email address and phone number.

When submitting an application, it is important to make sure that all these points clearly and explicitly describe the project and its main characteristics, as well as take into account the interests of potential investors and their requirements for projects.