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Members of the IMBRICS+ Forum Organising Committee about work at the "Russia-Africa 2023" Summit


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Chairman of the Organising Committee Mikhail Cherepanov shared his opinion on the idea of the Summit. "This is an important event in today's international situation. At the Summit, the presidents of different countries were able to discuss the most serious issues of cooperation and a new world order in which a multipolar world with players who respect each other will be presented."

First Deputy Chairman Mikhail Sverdlov stressed that many negotiations had been held. "We met with a large number of African delegations, held business meetings with partners. We had a positive conversation with representatives of Algeria, Angola, Nigeria, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Central African Republic, and other countries. They assured us that they will arrive at the Forum on November 9-10."

Chief of Staff Sergey Yakovlev summed up the results of the delegation's activities. "The Organising Committee has carried out fruitful work. The negotiations and signed agreements have confirmed the relevance of the development of economic and humanitarian ties with Russia."