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Investment projects

Investment projects

Our most important task is to assist in the implementation of investment projects in the BRICS+ countries. 

The Forum's Organising Committee is constantly working with investment projects:

  • Consideration of investment projects from interested parties,
  • Examination of investment projects, with the involvement of independent experts,
  • Development of business plans for investment projects,
  • Presentation of investment projects at scheduled and special events of the Forum,
  • Assistance in obtaining support for investment projects from state authorities and development institutions,
  • Search of financing for investment projects,
  • Structuring of investment transactions

We continue to attract investors to our partners' projects on an ongoing basis, despite external circumstances. 

Requirements for investment projects: 1) A confirmed target market, 2) Operations in the territory of the BRICS countries or other developing countries.

The following factors are welcome:

  • the project initiator's experience in the industry,
  • own funds (preferably at least 20%),
  • security of investor’s investments through created assets,
  • tried and tested technology,
  • the amount of investment in the project is no less than $10 million. 

Not considered:

  • projects on the territory of "unfriendly countries",
  • high-risk startups, especially those requiring large investments in advertising,
  • projects with unclear market prospects,
  • investments in R&D.

Set of documents on the project for consideration:

  • Business plan according to the international standard of UNIDO,
  • Financial model in MS Excel,
  • Project presentation,
  • Other documents confirming the information set out in the business plan.

The organisers of the Forum are prepared to assist in preparing a business plan in the languages of the BRICS countries and searching for an investor.

A professionally compiled business plan contains a marketing study with a market justification of the project, while a financial model allows you to check the calculations of the economic efficiency and payback on the project, as well as perform a scenario analysis. 

Authorised partner of the Forum on investment packaging of projects – (

Professional development of business plans and financial models.